Armchair Traveler

In an era where television poses as real life (e.g., every reality TV show about Alaska), this is for the twitchy armchair explorer who craves the uncompromising truth. This isn’t a window into pamper-your-ass five-star hotels, nor is it an awestruck look at the perils of living X-treme!-ly. This collection teems with passionate blood, sweat, and shit with which real people douse their lives in order to exist on their own terms.

Individuals. Couples. Families.

These vignettes will inspire you to dirty your hands and explore your passion. But be forewarned: by entering this page you are penetrating a dangerous cavern. This opening statement guards secrets of the diehard; people who can never exist in the noose of suit and tie suburbia. If you need to cling to the fallacy that 9-5 at a soulless job in order to afford weekend fun is the quintessence of life then proceed no further; this will only implode existence as you know it.

But you are here for a reason. You seek more, and on some level you know that it can be attained. Professional Nomads proves this intuition.

These people’s lives are better than your vacation.

Meet the Professional Nomads

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  1. I love this “warning!” – I’m hooked– and wishing I could click the ‘career seeker’ button…ready for a family profile!

    • Erin, stay tuned! I have a great interview with a nomadic family that I’m excited to share in the next couple months. The 12-yr old son in the family won the Freeskiing National Championship last winter in Grand Targhee! He also can out-kayak me any day of the week, which would bruise my ego if a) I had an ego about kayaking and b) he wasn’t such a darn nice kid. Thanks for reading!

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