Call for Submissions: Foreigner at Home

Thank you to everyone who participated in the “More Than a Tourist” series! In this installation, we saw each contributor reflect on a different angle of the same concept: Becky’s transition from tourist, to outsider, to St. Thomas local; Patrick’s cultural exchange in the Native Alaskan village in Tatitlek; Gene’s work as a historical interpreter; Cail’s moments of cultural authenticity on an otherwise touristy trip to Indonesia; and Dennis’s connection with the simple pace of life in Nevis. It is the blending of those perspectives that makes Adventures in Aperture valuable.

Adventures in Aperture is comprised entirely of reader submissions, and therefore there is no single right answer. Contributors offer insight from their personal experiences so while each piece holds value autonomously, collectively they flesh out a concept that we might otherwise see from only a single vantage point.

The next call for submissions is geared toward expats, and is themed, “Foreigner at Home.”

A single flower grows out of rubble two years after the 2004 tsunami in Thailand

A single flower grows from rubble two years after the 2004 tsunami in Thailand

As we learned through the previous series, travel forces us to break out of our comfort zone, put aside preconceived notions, and build tolerance. But what happens when the trip doesn’t end? How does that affect you, your relationship to your home country, and your perspective on the world? Can you ever feel at home in a new place? What about the country you left behind? And if living abroad does scramble your perspective on the world and your place within it, why do it at all?

Although not everyone has a “Foreigner at Home” story to share, most everyone knows someone who does. If you think your friend living abroad might have an interesting perspective on this concept please share or tag them in this post! Don’t forget foreign friends you’ve made in your own country! They may surprise you with their insight and experiences.

The details

In 3-12 photos, assemble and briefly caption a short photo journal that invites us into your experience. For insight into the format, browse submissions from the “More Than a Tourist” installation which employed the same format. Selected work will be revealed July 1st. 

All participants will receive a Professional Nomads sticker so email and let us know where to snail mail your shwag! Selected work will be showcased on Professional Nomads retains the right to use your submission anywhere on as well as ProNo social media (giving you credit, of course); photographers retain reprint rights as well as bragging rights in social settings.


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