Foreigner at Home #1

As we learned through our previous reader-submitted series, travel forces us to break out of our comfort zone, put aside preconceived notions, and build tolerance. But what happens when the trip doesn’t end? How does that affect you, your relationship to your home country, and your perspective on the world? Can you ever feel at home in a new place? What about the country you left behind? And if living abroad does scramble your perspective on the world and your place within it, why do it at all?

Jill Friant is an American expat working and living in Australia. Click on her photo journal below to delve into her experiences acclimating to life as a foreigner not only on new soil, but back in her original country, as well. For submitting her story Jill will receive a Professional Nomads sticker to further claim her duplicitous role as a “Foreigner at Home” wherever her travels take her.

Thank you, Jill, for sharing your world with the ProNo community! Check back Friday, July 3rd, to learn about Scott Underwood’s transition as an American teaching in Thailand!


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