Left Side (part 2)

Left side expanded of “Show Us Your Playground!”


"Alec Herschleb in our backyard, Alyeska, AK" - Michael Leese

Alyeska Resort, Alaska

“Alec Herschleb playing in our backyard. Alyeska, AK” -Michael Leese


New Mexico

New Mexico

“Peaceful time in New Mexico’s Big Lonely.” -Bruce Lee


“Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountains” -H Gene Harmon

Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountains

Great Smoky Mountains National Park encompasses over 500 square miles along the Tennessee/North Carolina state line. Over 800 miles of trails are within the park, but only two roads provide motorized access through the park. Though surrounded by civilization, it is indeed a wilderness, thriving with flora and fauna. Only a small percentage of yearly visitors experience the park beyond the comforts of their cars. Picture taken looking south across Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountains National Park.” -H Gene Harmon


Becky Kusar USVI

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

“My playground is like any other. It has its bright, sunny days, and its dark, stormy days. But, so long as those days are filled with life, the pursuit of happiness, and, above all, good friends, there is beauty in every day of it.”  -Becky Kusar


April Ballinger

Huntington Beach, California

“This is Huntington Beach, CA on 4/27/2015 for a golden sunset walk with Auggie. It’s called The Golden State for good reason. Living here for almost three months and I have seen only sunsets of gold!” -April Ballinger


Jeff Praille

In the Alaska Range

“Just around the corner from home in the Alaska Range. May. One of the best months, long days good weather. No one around; you own all you see.” -Jeff Pralle




“Long and narrow, deeply iconic, Wonder Pond abides.” -Alan Seegert




“Fishing a few miles off the coast of the big island of Hawaii.” -Chris Kutsch


Somewhere in the Alaska Range

Somewhere in the Alaska Range


5,300′ somewhere in the Alaska range. When  the skis first touch I cannot see the top of the landing zone/turnaround. Out of this world and top secret!!! -Professional Nomad, Trent Griffin. Read about Trent’s aviation career:Trent Griffin

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