Left Side (part 1)

Left side expanded of “Show Us Your Playground!”


Nevis 085

Looking from Georgetown Nevis to St. Kitts, St. Kitts in the distance

“Slow pace, relatively inexpensive (once you get there), friendly, historic.  Grocery shopping always an adventure because what is available changes and is often unknown as to what it is.” -Dennis Olmstead







Jay Allen

Bear Glacier, Kenai Fjords NP, Alaska

“When the boots you forgot are an hour’s kayak paddle back across the lake to the helicopter that dropped you off, as a guide you sometimes have to make do and carry on. Luckily it was warm and sunny that day!” Jay Allyn, Adventure Sixty North, LLC




Phil's playground

Kenai Lake, Alaska

“Sunrise on the outlet of Kenai Lake, where my playground, the Kenai River begins.”

Professional Nomad, Phil Hilbruner Read “The Unwavering Passion of an Alaskan Fishing Guide




Lake Michigan shoreline

Lake Michigan

“The northern shore of Lake Michigan, the fifth largest lake in the world and an exceptional location for a multitude of outdoor activities.  It is also the largest lake (by surface area) entirely within one country.  The Great Lakes are sometimes referred to as the ‘third coast’ of the U.S.  An intrepid professional nomad near and dear to our hearts got her start on it’s southern shores.” Mary Mertz-Smith



Matt Schwartz

Seattle Ridge, Turnagain Pass, Alaska

This glorious sunset photo was taken at the end of my first ever ski riding day in Alaska.” -Matt Schwartz




Jake G Denali Stars Orig

Talkeetna, Alaska

“Overlooking the Susitna River while the northern lights dance above Denali and the rest of the Alaska Range.” -Jake Graupmann





Eric Dahl

Location: Kickstep Mountain. Turnagain Pass, Alaska.


“As you grow, your playground has to grow too. Currently my playground is in the mountains around southcentral Alaska earning my turns.”

-Eric Dahl






Amanda Porrey

Mt. Brewster, New Zealand

“Trying to descend Mt. Brewster after surprise snowfall, before sunrise, and cross the river at the bottom (under the clouds) before it floods again.” Amanda Porrey




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