Fall Harvest at the County Fair

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How is it possible to have a “Fall Harvest” if you don’t Farm?

I don’t have anything to enter in the “Fall Harvest”… well that’s what I thought.  A note about my totally failed garden: except for weeds it would certainly fail as a proper post submission.  Problem there was lack of effort and water. Or perhaps it had something to do with City weed spray in the back alley.

To me harvest means County Fair, Farmers Market, and friends doing things.

Out here in the boonies of Western Colorado we still have a County Fair.  It has the usual with a rodeo, and exhibits and FFA events.  Cattle Women Kitchen, VFW hot dogs, “Rocking W” home-made cheese and ice cream. Everything is local, no 2000 mile truck for food here.

Our main Fall Harvest is our local Farmers Market; every Saturday 8:30 till 12:30.  Yes peaches are $1.60 a pound compared to 99 cents at Kroger.  So what?  Our sweet corn, Olathe Sweet Corn, is available is at the Market.  Our corn was picked only 2 or 3 hours ago.  The customer line to buy sweet corn is often 10 deep.  I find it interesting you can buy one pork chop or a whole pig!  How about a peach pie made the day before?

Given all local harvest, my garden next year is going to be very simple.  Where the hot tub was is now going to be a lavender patch.  The 15 x 15 weed plot is going to be a butterfly and bee haven.

I will spend more time having coffee with friends and the like at the county fair and farmers market.

-Dennis Olmstead