More Than a Tourist #5

I’m proud to conclude this installation with a submission from my dad, Dennis Olmstead. My dad was the first person I knew who openly saw through the manicured facade of big cruise ship companies and valued something more than a getaway. Instead he opted for sailboat tours and fell in love with the pace of island life. It is partially his love of travel that incites me to wonder what experiences are available in the world, because he clearly saw something more than just beaches on these trips. In Nevis, he rubbed elbows with a pace of life he’d like to adopt as his own. If circumstances twisted ever so differently, he’d gladly call Nevis home.

Click on the first photo to read Dennis Olmstead’s photo journal!


Thank you to everyone who submitted their interpretation of “More Than a Tourist!” Details for Adventures in Aperture’s next call for submissions will be revealed Friday, June 12th!

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