More Than a Tourist #4

Itineraries are a jumping off point for misadventure. We travel to gain understanding and collect new experiences but our deepest memories are often etched where plans fail and resourcefulness takes over. Every country boasts unique attractions but the most impactful travel experiences are often found where money can’t buy admission. No matter how many incredible experiences we purchase, it is the unplanned moments and conversations that often resonate the most.

Cail Hubert spent a couple months backpacking around Indonesia with friends but his most meaningful memories were forged when he connected with local people—usually the result of something going wrong. Mishaps abroad can leave travelers feeling vulnerable, but Cail shows us it also opens us up to one of travel’s greatest gifts: human connection. When we drop our pretenses, we allow ourselves to understand each other on a basic human level unimpeded by language or cultural barriers. Misadventure, therefore, becomes a window to human connection.

Join us for the fifth and final installment of the More Than a Tourist series two day from now on Tuesday, June 9th!

Click on the first picture to expand Cail’s photo jounral!

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