More Than a Tourist #3

I love Gene’s take on this theme. As a historical interpreter, his role is to breathe life into a place and help visitors draw meaning from their experience. The result gives Gene a different vantage point to consider the meaning of “More Than a Tourist.”

New photo journals in this series are being posted every other day. Come back Sunday, June 7th to see installment #4!

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7 thoughts on “More Than a Tourist #3

  1. However I have to “play with it” but I suspect thats me… you know click here click there until it works where if I did it correctly the first time it would be just fine. Take on this set of photos is more about Gene than a place… but that’s OK. d

    • I haven’t been having troubles on the computers I’ve tested so it may be an internet issue you’re experiencing.

      I feel Gene’s contribution is about helping others find the connection to become more than a tourist which is a great gift to give. I enjoy that in this series each person reflects on different angle of the same concept. Each piece has value individually, but together they flesh out a concept that each of us might otherwise only see from one perspective.

  2. Dorothy, I am enjoying seeing people’s photos, and reading the story that goes with the pictures. Are you planning to post any thing as part of this series?

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