When have you become “More Than a Tourist?”

Professional Nomads reach for a deeper connection with the world around them. Last month we explored our relationship to landscape in a reader-based photo collage themed, “Show Us Your Playground!” This month we explore it through cultural connections in a slightly different format. We’d like you to share with us your experience being “More Than a Tourist,” in the form of a short picture book. Here are the details.

Dog houses on the Bering Sea coast. Ever wonder what's the story behind a photograph?

Dog houses on the Bering Sea coast. Ever wonder what’s the story behind an Instagram?

This is an opportunity for Professional (and amateur) Nomads to shed light on our collective vision of traveling. Whether you’ve moved someplace totally new or just visited one, by sharing your experience we learn what’s truly important about travel itself. Travel isn’t about luxury cruises and 5-star hotels, nor is it about drinking from coconuts on beaches (well, not totally). It’s not even about seeing how others live—it’s seeing what they value, and letting that experience change us in return. The traveler’s mind is nothing if not fertile. When humans shed business, political, and religious agendas, we make our most raw and genuine connections. Let us share yours.

What would compel people to duct tape their face?

What would compel a person to duct tape their face?

In 3-12 photos, assemble and briefly caption a short picture book that invites us into your experience. This is a simple way to divulge a story you’ve wanted to tell; that time all the stars aligned or misaligned to allow you to delve a little deeper into a culture or place. Connect those Facebook photos with a little narrative and show us what they really mean to you. We want to know: during your adventures in aperture, when have you become “More Than a Tourist?”

This month, the first five participants will receive a Professional Nomads sticker so email professionalnomads@gmail.com and let us know where to snail mail your shwag! Selected work will be showcased on ProfessionalNomads.org. Professional Nomads retains the right to use your submission anywhere on ProfessionalNomads.org as well as ProNo social media (giving you credit, of course); photographers retain reprint rights as well as bragging rights in social settings.

Deadline: May 31, 2015

Where will your Professional Nomads sticker go?

ProNo Sticker Matt $


ProNo Sticker Dad


St. Thomas, US Virgin

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

ProNo Sticker Bruce Lee

New Mexico


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