Professional Nomads is a sanctuary for adventurous folks who view traditional office work as a death sentence. This website captures the stories of modern-day trailblazers and shares them with career seekers and armchair travelers. These people have followed their passion and architected a unique career and lifestyle, unbound by convention. Where other people see fear, professional nomads create opportunity.


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  1. Your pap directed me to this site. I know him thru Western CO Congress and other relatively exciting arenas in Montrose. He has told me a little about you– Nomad, Alaska, pilot.
    I really enjoyed looking at your photo’s & reading about your adventures. A friend of mine did Kilamanjaro (sp) several years ago. He also worked for NPS in AL. Maybe Dennis will invite me and Nancy out for a beer somewhere, sometime you’re in Montrose. I elected to “Follow”.
    Marv Ballantyne

  2. Where do I begin a journey like yours. Coming from boston Massachusetts having little to no money I want to live free from chains and with the world

    • Hey Eddy! Good question! There’s a couple ways to approach this but the short answer is seasonal work. Check out or to browse opportunities at national parks and other seasonal locations. Think about what kind of landscape inspires you or where you would like to explore. My first few seasons were less about the job, and more about the location and this allowed me to move into more challenging and financially viable positions after I’d established a place I wanted to live. For instance, if you want to be a raft guide be willing to be the grunt person and learn the ropes the first year and they’ll help you get the knowledge and oars experiences to become a raft guide the following season. That kind of thing. right now is a great time to apply if you’re looking to start your journey this spring/summer as many companies are still hiring. Good luck, and let me know if I can be of further assistance. If you need some further inspiration, check out this two-part article about Brooke Edwards, a very successful and inspirational seasonal guide who has done an amazing job navigating the seasonal lifestyle:

  3. Awesome thing you have going on here! Would love to contribute in anyway I can. Love to share inspiration and stoke.

    You can check out some writing I’ve done on a website I contribute to: I left the link in the box below.

    Looking forward to hanging with ya real soon!

    • Thanks, Coop! After reading a few of your reviews I think it’s probably mandatory we go touring when I return from Iditarod. I have yet to tour in Colorado and the shame has made it difficult for me to look my splitboard in the eyes this winter. Keep on rocking the good life!

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